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our story

Wild oceans, rolling green hills and unique wilderness surrounds the home of mabel + meg.  All made in our coastal home on the edge of the sea.

We are makers at the heart... we love the creative process of exploring new processes and making things with our hands.  Named after our grandmothers mabel + meg has been a slow process of discovery, just enjoying the process of making and being creative. 
Discover the slow lane, where you wander down the street and greet friendly faces.  You walk abandoned beaches and explore cool temperate rainforests.  We want to share making a conscience effort to slow down to be present and to connect to those that matter most.   Evoke  memories through the power of scent.
Our naturally hand made candles can add ambience to dinner with friends.  Or light up little nooks in cosy spaces.  Our luxurious bath salts use premium essential oils that relax and nourish both the body and mind.