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Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is involved in Hundreds of Biochemical Reactions in Your Body.

Magnesium in the body helps convert food into energy, is involved in muscle movements with the contraction and relaxation of muscles, helps regulate neurotransmitters, which send messages throughout your brain and nervous system.

Magnesium plays a critical role in mood and brain function.. with low levels linked to an increased risk of depression and migraine headaches.

Interestingly, it can also benefit people with type 2 diabetes. Studies suggest that people with type 2 diabetes have low levels of magnesium in their blood and this can impair insulin's ability to keep blood sugar levels under control. By increasing magnesium in the body diabetics can potentially see significant improvements in blood sugar and haemoglobin A1c levels.

If that isn't enough, magnesium also supports healthy bones, in the way that some studies suggest that higher amounts can increase bone mineral density. Using magnesium supplements has also been said to lower blood pressure but only by small amounts.

Magnesium is naturally found in many foods, such as, whole grains, green leafy vegetables like spinach, legumes, nuts and seeds. It can also be in yogurt and other milk products. People tend to take supplements for magnesium due to the benefits.

But the chances of you being extremely deficient in magnesium, however, is rare - don't worry! When we have low levels, our old pals - the kidneys - help to conserve and maintain magnesium levels through regulating how much we lose through urine. Sometimes though, with anything really, a little help goes a long way.

Taking magnesium supplements by mouth can be difficult as it does not absorb properly. Magnesium salt baths are a great way for the skin to soak in, restoring levels and in turn, giving us true relaxation. Bath salts are soft on the skin and a excellent for all ages

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And if you don’t have a bath, that’s ok. Grab a bucket or foot spa  and enjoy the benefits!