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4 Things to do to Create a Spa Experience at Home

There is nothing quite like slipping into a warm bath at the end of the day... its important to look after yourself and sometimes a little self care is high on the priority list... But if we are going to take the time out of our day to relax in a bath how do we make that experience more luxurious and enjoyable?  I know sometimes I once I'm in the bath I can still find it hard to relax and be still,  with a million things running around my mind and it can be quite a task to shut off.  Here are a few of my favourite ways to set myself up for a little relax in the bath

1.  Do a Clean Up and Declutter

Nothing stops us more from relaxing more than looking at an untidy mess... take a few moments to straighten up, wipe down countertops and remove any clutter.  I enjoy a space that is visually calm...

2. Grab the essentials you need before you hop in the Bath

Nothing worse than hopping in the bath and the shampoo is on the other side of the bathroom.  Think about the atmosphere you want to create.. Think candles, fluffy bath towel, music, a glass of wine or glass of water with lemon and mint or a herbal tea, bath salts, maybe a face mask and a good book.

3. Cosy Comfy clothing

After a relaxing bath there is nothing better than slipping into your favourite pjs or a soft fluffy dressing gown... Have these ready to slip on after your bath.

4.  Use Bath Salts that contain Magnesium and Essential Oils

Magnesium is essential for our body's wellbeing.  It is involved in hundreds of Biochemical reactions in our bodies.  Magnesium helps food convert into energy, helps with muscle movements, it helps to fight depression and can lower blood pressure.  There are a number of other heath benefits that we go into more detail here. 
Essential oils when inhaled affect the emotional centre of the brain.  Different essential oils will spark us up and get us ready to go, while others will help and relax, can ease anxiety and help us have a good night sleep. 
So there you go there are few easy ways to make your bathing experience more beneficial..   If you don't have the opportunity to head to the bath or don't have access to one but want some of the benefits... A foot soak can also provide some of the benefits with our skin still absorbing the magnesium and the essential oils.  Light some candles, grab a cheese platter, sit down and pop those feet in.