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Super chilled Organic herbal tea in tea strainer
mabel + meg feeling good organic tea refill bag
Feeling Good- Organic Herbal Tea

Feeling Good- Organic Herbal Tea

mabel + meg
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Unwind and refresh yourself with our mabel + meg  Feeling Good organic herbal tea. A soothing way to start your day or wind down after a busy day.

Ingredients specifically chosen to be nutritious and delicious.  Lemon Balm is valued for its ability to ease stress and anxiety, Peppermint refreshes your energy and your breath (bonus), Liquorice Root aids in weight loss and Chamomile encourages relaxation Orange Peel delivers a rich source of Vitamin C and Fibre, while Rose Petals aid digestion and fight toxins in the body

Our Super Chilled Herbal tea blend is light and minty with a lingering sweetness. 

Serving Suggestion

Place 1-2 teaspoons into 250ml Water and brew at 100C for 3-5 minutes

Origin: Egypt, India, Albania

Ingredients: Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Licorice, Chamomile, Orange Peel, Rose Petals

WARNING: This product isn't intended to treat, cure or prevent any illnesses. Always consult a healthcare professional before consuming any herbal products especially if you're pregnant or taking medication.