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Bush walking Mt Gnomon with directions

View from Mt Gnomon

With covid kilograms hitting the hips, needing some excercise and feeling like exploring a little bit... but not wanting to go too far we decided to wander 35 -45 mins down the road to the Dial Ranges.   Just inland of the small coastal village Penguin, you will find the Dial Ranges... One of the mountains in this range is Mt Gnomon.

If coming from either Burnie or Ulverstone turn off the Bass Highway onto the Junction that leads to Dial road then not far down the road turn right down Sports Complex Avenue.  You will then come to a T junction where you turn left (south away from the sea) onto Ironcliffe Road.  This is a fairly narrow slightly windy road, with the occasional wildlife wondering around.

Travel along Ironcliffe road you will pass Ferndene conservation reserve, then Mt Gnomon farm as the road turns to gravel... continue down the gravel road and you will reach a car park.   There are sign posts guiding you in the direction of the track... Mt Gnomon is a 1-1.5 hour return walk.   
Mt Gnomon track
The track has a steep incline with tree roots and rocks along the path.. it takes about 45 minutes to reach the top (even with lots and lots of stops 🤷‍♀️😂).  When not far from the top there was a sign that said Mt Dial to the right and Mt Gnomon to the left.   We followed the left hand side path where we found an clearing on a rock face with expansive views to the south west... we then continued up further along the path where there where there were an number of large rocks that you had to navigate across (difficult for people with poor motor skill) this led to another clearing that had amazing views to the east... it was unclear if the track continued but just to the left there was small decline that led to another sign that said Mt Gnomen car park one way and Mt Dial the other.  From this point it was a short decline to the previous sign... This would be a much better direction if you are unable to navigate the rocks in the other part of the track.... the walk was well worth the effort with amazing views across the ranges and the valley.